Not all window and door panes are designed and made the same size. This is where Fassezke Glass & Mirror, Inc. comes to the rescue. We offer glass cut to size for any residential and commercial applications. With the different tints, shapes and specialized edges, our fabricators can achieve just about any desired piece of glass for your home or office.

All glass cut to size orders are created using precision craftsmanship and true to size measurements. Our talented fabricators pay close attention to your order specifications to ensure you receive the product you need and want. From the standard glass cutting procedures we follow to the fine details that complete your order, our team is committed to delivering high-quality glass with every order.

When you request glass cut to size you will receive a complete customized piece of glass created just for you. Prior to your order though, we will need to know the particulars of what you are looking to use the glass for. This information will aid in determining what kind of glass you will need. You have different options available when it comes to how thick the glass is, what type of finish you want, along with choosing the edges and corners of your custom glass piece.

If you’ve never ordered glass cut to size before and need assistance with measuring the area you would like the glass to fit in, call or stop by to talk with one of our friendly associates. Customizing glass and mirrors is our niche and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


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