Frameless shower doors add a touch of class to any bathroom! The team at Fassezke Glass & Mirror, Inc. is able to customize the doors specific to your request or you can choose from a beautiful line up of frameless shower doors already designed from one of our vendors. The choice is yours and the options are limitless. If you’re looking for high quality and fine craftsmanship, you’ll get just that from our team of dedicated glass technicians.

With the selections and variety you have to choose from, we take frameless shower doors to the next level. Customizing all facets of your shower doors from the edges to the hardware we use to fasten your doors and other glass panels to the walls and floor or tub. For those with a smaller bathroom, adding one of our glass frameless shower doors will open your space up and allow more light inside your shower stall. Plus, it takes your bathroom to a new level of elegance. And by choosing either textured or patterned glass panels, you will have a more permanent fixture of your personal style.

Since the frameless shower doors have exposed glass edges, we have the technology and know-how to bevel and smooth the edges of your glass doors for comfort and ease of opening. We can also add complimenting hardware to your glass panels as well; mounting brackets, towel racks and handles per request. You can be rest assured your shower stall glass panels will be handled with care and exacting measurements to get the perfect fit.

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