It’s always inviting to walk by store fronts and see exactly what type of products and brands a particular company sells. The best way for that to happen is by having professional grade glass cut and installed within your entryway. Not only does this allow individuals to see what is going on inside, but it makes your store look larger and more open to the public; in a sense it’s more welcoming.

This is where Fassezke Glass & Mirror, Inc. comes in. We have glass technicians who are accustomed to installation and repair work for commercial store fronts. They will come prepared with the appropriate equipment and tools to determine the best method for your custom glass work. From all glass panels along the front of your store to partial glass doors and windows, we will be able to fit the right pieces for an affordable price.

In addition to glass panels for store fronts, we offer aluminum doors and the hardware needed to secure them. We also carry aluminum panels that add a touch of beauty to the inside and outside of your store. And if you would like us to assess your counter situation while we’re there, we can check that off your list of things to do as well. With our counter sections, we can have a nice counter measured, processed and installed in a timely manner.

Another service we offer for all commercial clients is our emergency repair work. If we are unable to get your replacement glass in immediately, we will board up your windows to keep you and your merchandise safe and protected while we process your new window(s). If you have any other questions about our commercial services and products, please call or stop by our store.


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